103 hours.

Coming at you live from the Frankfurt International Airport.  I bring you a special addition of stranded and alone, passport less and officially breaking German law by not having an official identity, 35 Euros to my name and the rest of my group continuing on to Amman.  Why? Because you should never drink beer on a floating boat.  They just might have a hole in their side.

Yes that’s right, I am stuck in Frankfurt for 3 days until I can get a new passport printed by the US consulate which conveniently closed minutes after I lost my passport. And ID. And money.  Instead of the important things I would need to get to Jordan, I am left with an overweight, bright pink duffel filled with an unnecessary amount of clothing and a weekend alone in Germany.  In any other situation I would be thrilled to spend 72 hours agenda-less in a city filled with friendly people, good beer and shopping.  However, I find myself sitting alone in the airport, crying a Dead Sea’s worth of tears and scrambling to get into a youth hostel.

Today was supposed to be a simple day of travel with leisurely layovers and plenty of group bonding time.  Instead, I made fast friends with those who knelt on the grass with me as I cried and dug through the sandy bottom of the river looking for my hopelessly lost bag.  Instead I bawled in the police office of the airport, racking up international minutes and calling my father.

This was not a good day.

Frankfurt showed me great hospitality however, with beautiful weather, simple public transportation and friendly police men.  It hurts me how much I want to leave this place when it has been nothing but kind.  In the time before disaster struck I enjoyed a delicious outdoor meal, a meander along the Main River and my choice of German beers.  Flights themselves were uneventful but somehow I have managed to extend my 31 horus of travel to a grueling 103.

For your enjoyment:

Frankfurt Train Station near my soon-to-be hostel

Walkway along Main River

Apologies to all the sweet peple who ran around Frankfurt helping me look for my passport. Special thanks to Zunaira and Jack

Mural along riverside train tracks

Foot bridge across Main River

View of Frankfurt from along Main River

Lovely beer garden where I lost my passport



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