Arabic final

Well that’s it! We finished our Arabic classes today with a marathon of testing and khallas! We are done!

It’s insane to think that I have been in this country for about a month.  The days have completely flown by and I find myself oddly sentimental.  SIT, the university here in Amman where we studied, has become a comforting home to us students.  A place where English is spoken and there is WiFi and drinkable water.  It seems like Kaitlin and I have just mastered the taxi rides to and from school everyday, using landmarks as our guide.  It is especially sad to say goodbye to the amazing teachers at SIT.  Halla and Rima, my teachers, have been the biggest sweethearts throughout this entire ordeal, constantly pushing us to learn more vocab but keeping us laughing the whole time.  Never have 4 hours of intensive language learning flown by so fast as when you are in those classrooms.  I can’t thank them enough for their constant support and energy and patience.  Dealing with such a large group of Americans is no meager task and they are the closest thing to angels I have ever met.  Shukran ya ustadza.  Today we had a written exam, oral interview and presentations that will together make up about 40% of my grade here and took forever to complete.  So, inshaallah, I did well!

Tomorrow we leave for the vacation part of our trip with a world wind excursion down south.  I’m super excited to spend the next 5 days hiking and camping and swimming and riding camels and sleeping under the stars and watching the sunrise over sand dunes in the desert.  I will most likely be without WiFi but I will be sure to write as soon as I get back to Amman!


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