Things I love about Jordan (a short list):

  1. The echo of the call to prayer across the city at night time, moths flittering against the glow of the minaret and the way time seems to stop
  2. Halloumi cheese in the morning, dripping with olive oil and always accompanied by pounds of khubz, a bite of cucumber, refreshing and sweet and the first sip of water running down your throat as precious as liquid gold
  3. The way the dust settles over the city, gathering milky brown clouds and hiding the sandstone in a sleepy camouflage that the sun can never quite burn through
  4. Cool mornings and brisk nights, temperatures rising and falling and rising again
  5. Taxi drivers who speak slowly, know where they’re going and drive fast, flicking cigarette ash while merging, letting the windows down, dust clouds in and smoke out

Things I miss about home (a short list):

  1. Peanut Butter and mac ’n cheese

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