Lost passport; found sanity.

The past 48 hours in Frankfurt have been bliss.

Or near bliss.

Trying to forget my lack of identity and the fact that everyone else is currently living it up in Amman, I walked the streets of Frankfurt sipping beer, wine and apfelwein (hard cider), eating sandwiches, currywurst, pretzels, apfelstruedel, and eis mit heiss.  I explored the old city, napped along the river Main, went to mass in the Frankfurt cathedral, explored the botanical gardens, walked along the river at night,  and partied with hostel residents from at least 10 different countries.  Life is hard.

Oh and the US consulate is nice too.


Which means at 8:45 tonight I board a plane headed directly to Amman where I will land at 2 am to go through the adjustment process all over again.

But more about Frankfurt.  Honestly, losing my passport could not have happened in a better place.  I can no longer describe myself as stuck in Frankfurt.  My first hostel experience could not have proceeded more flawlessly.  Every person that I have met has been nothing but kind.  It has been like the United Nations with new friends from England, Finland, Canada, Florida, Brazil, Portugal etc.  I’m so happy that I ended up in such a nice place with welcoming and helpful people.  I hope next time I won’t earn the identity of passport girl, but if I hadn’t lost my passport I wouldn’t have been exposed to the kindness of so many different people.  So a big thank you to the entire city of Frankfurt.  Hopefully I will be back under different and better circumstances.

For anyone planning on visiting Frankfurt, I recommend the Frankfurt hostel for clean rooms, cheap bar, nice people, free breakfast and dinner and a great central location!

And as always, the best way to travel is to eat in as many places as possible!

Downtown Frankfurt



Frankfurt Cathedral

eis mit heißen himbeeren

Apfel struedel

Hostel bar

Best place to nap in Frankfurt

River at night

Goethe University

Korean Garden




Solo travelling downfall: all selfies




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