I have 36 hours before I begin my journey to Jordan. 36 hours and up to 5 panic attacks.

I am lucky enough to be participating in Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations program where I will be travelling to Amman, Jordan to study Arabic and the Arab Spring for around 4 1/2 weeks.While there I will be living with a host family, travelling to other parts of the country (Petra, Aqaba, Jerash etc.) , visiting the Za’atri refugee camp, volunteering with a local NGO and working on building the pen-pal network for Dear Syria (  It will be a whirlwind month of activity I’m sure, but an unforgettable experience.

This will be my first time travelling to the Middle East (hopefully the first of many)! As a cultural anthropology major focusing on the Middle East it is extremely fulfilling to finally witness the culture and people that I am so fascinated with and impressed by.  I look forward to immersing myself in the Jordanian culture, feeling the history of Roman, Umayyad and Ottoman empires in the desert sands. I look forward to seeing for myself the diversity of the Jordanian people, witnessing culture that is more than hijaabs and hummus.

PS:  yes I over packed.


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