sunkissed and grateful in Amed

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to run away to the sleepy chain of villages known collectively as Amed, Bali.


The farthest east area of Bali is staggering views, hilly coast lines and an attitude and aesthetic reminiscent of southern Greece.


Our little Airbnb villa on the beach (only $30 a night!) was a perfect home for fresh grilled fish, stargazing and sunset boat tours out on the bay.


I spent my morning diving the beautiful and healthy corals of Jemeluk Wall and Bununtan Wall, followed by another dive the next day at The Pyramids.  As part of a coral restoration effort, artificial reef structures were placed just off the coast.  My dives were full of incredible marine life like turtles, octopus, moray eels, garden eels, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipe fish, and lion fish.  At one point of my last dive, I looked out across the sandy bottom to see countless blue spotted rays hiding in the muck.  Rays and turtles are some of my favorites to see while diving because of their beautiful movement as they free swim.  Really, we have much to learn from the slow grace of a green turtle.

I am improving rapidly on my dives and have now logged 15 dives including my longest at 67 minutes and my deepest at 31 m.  I’ve been reflecting a lot as my time winds down here in Bali about what I want to prioritize and see before leaving.  While I spend most days working at the Eco-camp or in the city doing marketing work, on my few days off I want to dive as much as possible and for as long as I can.  It really is such a blessing to have that opportunity.

Becca, my Bali buddy, joined me for the little honeymoon weekend!  We arranged a private boat tour with a local fisherman and his friend.  For 2 hours we cruised the bay drinking beer, giggling at the absurdity of our lives, and taking in the beauty of our surroundings.


I thought a lot about my friends and peers graduating back home and moving on to an adult life and new adventures.  I am so happy for all of those who have reached this milestone in their life and I look forward to the freedom of finishing university next year.  For now though, I am incredibly content with my choice to do a 5 year program that has enabled me to see places like Bali for such extended periods of time.


Before we parted ways, we took a leisurely Sunday drive along the far East coast and stopped every 50 m or so to have our breath taken away by another spectacular view!  The villagers brought in and sold their morning fishing catch.  The sun beat down on us as we marveled at the diversity of Bali’s landscape.


I am grateful for relaxing moments like these that bring me so much joy.  I am so thankful for Becca’s presence and support through my challenges (head lice, sinus infections, allergic reactions, parasites etc.)  Here’s to your last 4 weeks of smoothies and wheat grass shots and absurd moments made better by friendship!



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