doing the thing (and being totally scared)

3 thoughts on “doing the thing (and being totally scared)”

  1. I know these feelings very well! Except for me it has been a few more years moved on and coming home to friends with husbands, houses and babies. Me being the single, traveller who owns nothing, I used to really struggle with this, but this time coming home I’m in a far better space of acceptance. Those friends are following their path and I’m following mine and that’s just fine! I feel like my path is an overgrown, muddy, bush-bash of a path leading me to god knows where! But I’m happy to keep on it and enjoy the forest along the way.

    Yes we are lucky to have so many options open to us, but as an indecisive person myself this always stresses me out as there are always opportunity costs. I find however, if I just spend some time, put the questions to the back of my mind for a while, the right answer always settles out. And no matter what decision you make, just make sure the decision is for you, and you will make the most of it! Even if looking back you think you would do it differently, at least going that path you learned something about yourself that you wouldn’t have know had you not gone that path. Good luck for your last year of studies and cheers to all the indecisive people out there who are open to ideas that scare them! xo


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