notes on radical honesty

When I moved to Chile to study for 5 months last year, I decided to live my life on a policy of honesty first, honesty always.

I am a self-confessed crier. I am an open book of emotions. Some might refer to me as an emotional wreck or a hot mess.  My disposition and opinions flutter back and forth like a kite on a string.  Dipping down, lifting up, wiggling in the wind on a beach at sunset.

It isn’t always easy to practice radical honesty.  It has a tendency of scaring off friends who aren’t prepared for the truth.  It means confronting my own ugly. 

But it has saved me. 

Radical honesty has lifted the burden of secrecy from my shoulders.  It has made me a more loving and happier person.  It has shown me that passion is the most beautiful thing about humanity.

Sharing your own ugly (not those of others) means that you can find your way to healing with the help and acceptance of others. And along the way, you never know who you may touch.

I once met a beautiful girl with dark curly hair who moved through life as a tiny ball of confidence.  She shared with me her struggles with eating disorders and negative body image.  She radiated joy in her healing.  She taught me that there is such strength in health. She helped me on my own path of recovery.  She spoke openly and honestly and with such positivity.  I was in awe.

I hope that my honesty cultivates confidence.  That it encourages others to speak out and breathe deep and heal.  I hope to share with others the truth that your ugly is your power and not your weakness.  I hope that I can carry this lightness and happiness into all aspects of my life!  That I continue to surround myself with kind, caring, happy people who make me laugh!

To those that have stayed around when I’ve spoken my truth, thank you.  To that dark-haired beauty, thank you. To my lovely partner, thank you.  To my family, blood and beyond, who listens and loves, thank you.

Honesty first, honesty always. 




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