About a girl


I’m Mara. Welcome to my blog! I share honest stories about travel, adventure, and life on the run. It might not be pretty all the time, but there’s such power in telling the dirty side of life. You might read articles about loneliness in Bali, see photos of mountain treks in Chile, or learn about cool organizations doing awesome stuff around the world.

I started this blog to share my travel experiences with friends and family. Since then, I’ve been captivated by the power of honesty and empathy as I share my story with the world. I like to write advice and inspiration for young adventurers and explorers.

My background is in cultural anthropology, a discipline that influences my perspectives on all aspects of human and natural life.  I look for connections, insights and reflection everywhere.  Whether it’s at the bottom of a bowl of Taiwanese noodles, the bottom of the ocean on a scuba dive in Indonesia, or the bottom of my heart on the tough days.


I hope more women, more survivors, more Americans and more anxious, over thinkers like me get out of their comfort zone.  You are capable of so, so much more than you know.  I hope to use my privilege and heart to spread a bit of joy, work through healing, and push my community to be better friends, citizens and selves.  I acknowledge the privilege that my white skin brings me when I travel, when I hike, when I live in America.  I work to expand the diverse community of female outdoorists and backpackers to encourage a more inclusive world.


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