Lost passport; found sanity.

The past 48 hours in Frankfurt have been bliss. Or near bliss. Trying to forget my lack of identity and the fact that everyone else is currently living it up in Amman, I walked the streets of Frankfurt sipping beer, wine and apfelwein (hard cider), eating sandwiches, currywurst, pretzels, apfelstruedel, and eis mit heiss.  I … Continue reading Lost passport; found sanity.

10 euros.

Have you ever been in alone in a foreign country with 10 euros to your name and no identity? It is terrifying.  But there are some supremely helpful and nice people in this world, people that are willing to run around Frankfurt with you looking for a Western Union.  People who are willing to accept … Continue reading 10 euros.

103 hours.

Coming at you live from the Frankfurt International Airport.  I bring you a special addition of stranded and alone, passport less and officially breaking German law by not having an official identity, 35 Euros to my name and the rest of my group continuing on to Amman.  Why? Because you should never drink beer on a … Continue reading 103 hours.


I have 36 hours before I begin my journey to Jordan. 36 hours and up to 5 panic attacks. I am lucky enough to be participating in Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations program where I will be travelling to Amman, Jordan to study Arabic and the Arab Spring for around 4 1/2 weeks.While there I will … Continue reading Pre:


Right now we stand on a ledge.  We have stood on this ledge for years now, centuries, and yet we don’t jump and we don’t step back.  We are standing on this ledge breathing in puffs of air that come out short and come out long and sometimes don’t come out quite at all.  We … Continue reading Precipice